Character featured on new SketchFab PBR announcement!

Check him out!  Spent a little time putting some detail into Eldan, the main character from my thesis film Native Prey, using the new Substance Painter.  The awesome team at SketchFab was kind enough to put him up on the feature page with the announcement of their new PBR renderer.  This site is super user friendly and a perfect way to get your models up online.  And it's free..


I spotted this gem on my bookshelf.  This is an old friend, the one that got me started.  Purchased on Amazon in the spring of 2009 as I started a 3ds Max class after work.  It  was my bible for months while I began to understand not only 3D in general, but modelling and texturing for real-time.  This book challenged and rewarded me well beyond its meager price tag.  I owe a ton to the author.   I may have moved beyond its entry level, but this book will never find its way into the used book bin..


Tech art blog

School is over, summer is over (sadly) and I've been diving into Unreal Engine 4.  I've created a "Tech Art" blog page to capture some of the things I am learning as I go along!

Achievement unlocked: Senior Thesis

Native Prey is complete!  What an incredible learning experience.  Everything from designing an alien world and characters to lighting and render layers.  Really inspiring to see people banding together for the final push and the quality in the films was very apparent.  

The film will be on the net soon, but like a shark must swim to keep breathing I must to keep building!

I will be posting a Zbrush/Maya/Arnold vector displacement run through and some hard surface modeling and texturing using Mari (potentially Allegorithmic's Substance Painter) and some of the textures I have been working on over at Surface Mimic!

The end is nigh...

After signing my graduation "release" forms last week, I got to really thinking about the future (not that I am not constantly planning, but maybe taking it a bit more seriously than normal).  As someone who waited a fair-share of years to go to college, I am ecstatic about having a degree.   Some might say, especially for games, that art school is not required, and while I agree overall with the statement (as I have seen some incredible artists out there without degrees in computer art) there is no denying the amount of prep it gives for the non-talent side of the job. Things like keeping a deadline, or networking, or the power of the critique.  The classes I thought I would dread, writing and literature, have come to be the most important classes I have ever taken.  

I am incredibly thankful to have had this opportunity, and embraced every minute of it.  Now, to get through thesis and move on to conquer the world..


The great part about having a website is the ease at which I can, even if in the slightest possibility, reach out to like minded people. 

That being said, I find myself battling with confidence more often than I would have believed when I started pursuing my dream of building for games.  

Lack of confidence is just the by-product of inexperience when throwing yourself into something completely foreign.  I waited a long time to attend college, and coming into the final year has got me extremely nervous in what lies ahead.  It's daunting, it's worrying, but it's new and it's refreshing to be able to say I did not take the easiest route.  I can build furniture, I can build a house even, but I want to build creepy chainsaw wielding dwarf princesses on the computer and sometimes it's the hardest thing I've ever tried.  We are summoning talent at will, and it's hard for us being so close to our artwork to step back and see it completely objectively for its strength and flaws.  

Confidence is experience, and experience takes work and time.  There's no way around it, so embrace it and stay humble.


 Looking forward to getting my thoughts out here.  Thanks for browsing, feel free to email me, and check out my Pinterest inspiration boards!